The Executive Body of the Ghana Hockey Association (GHA) is the management body for the game of hockey in Ghana.

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It oversees all sporting activities pertaining to field hockey in Ghana. It became a governing body under the National Sports Authority and the Ministry of Sports in 1961 after the game had been played indigenously for over more than a decade.?It is affiliated to the Africa Hockey Federation and the International Hockey Federation.

Field Hockey was the first sport to represent Ghana in a world cup in 1975 in Malaysia. The game is currently played in communities, high schools, tertiary institutions and basic schools. The security services like the Police, Fire Service, CEPS, and Prisons Services indulge in the sport in Ghana.

The Executive Body is made up of:

  • The President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary General (National Sports Authority)
  • Treasurer
  • 2 Executive Members

However, the sport is played across the regions of Ghana, and has regional administrative bodies thereby known as Regional Associations. The Regional Associations are in tend managed by executives who are elected every four years. They include:

  • Greater Accra Hockey Association
  • Central Region Hockey Association
  • Ashanti Region Hockey Association
  • Eastern Region Hockey Association
  • Volta Region Hockey Association
  • Western Region Hockey Association
  • Northern Region Hockey Association
  • Upper East Region Hockey Association
  • Upper West Region Hockey Association
  • Brong Ahafo Hockey Association

The Ghana Hockey Association has sub-committees which aids in administering policies set by the executive board. Amongst them are the Media, Marketing and Sponsorship Committee, The Technical Committee, Events Committee etc.

Other Member Associations include;

  1. Ghana Education Service (GES)
  2. Ghana University Sports Association (GUSA)
  3. Ghana Polytechnic Sports Association (GHAPSA)
  4. Security Services Sports Association SESSA)
  5. A National body representing hockey clubs and recognized by the GHA
  6. A National Coaches Association recognized by the GHA
  7. A National Association representing Umpires and Technical officials recognized by the GHA
  8. A National body representing women in hockey
  9. A National Association representing Hockey Players recognized by the GHA