1. To introduce, develop, promote, control, organize and generally encourage and regulate the sport of hockey for men, women, youth, and seniors in all its forms played throughout Ghana.
  2. To develop and promote hockey as a means of fostering social integration and forming the character of the youth in Ghana in the spirit of fair play and in pursuance of the development goals of Ghana.
  3. To organize competitions in hockey in all its forms for both sexes at youth and senior levels
  4. To introduce, develop and promote the game of hockey among young people in schools in partnership with the educational authorities and institutions.
  5. To maintain affiliation with AfHF and FIH and support its ideals and objects
  6. To formulate policies for the control, training and development of coaches, umpires, technical officials, medical personnel and administrators involved in hockey
  7. To organize training and competitive programs and arrange and supervise the participation of national teams at various levels in International competitions
  8. To promote good relationship with the Sector Ministry and the body any time charged with the overall organization and control of sports in Ghana.
  9. To promote good relations and co-operation amongst all stakeholders and settle disputes arising between members or bodies connected with hockey within Ghana.
  10. To enforce the statutes, rules and regulations of hockey as promulgated from time to time by FIH, AfHF and GHA and to protect the game from any form of abuse.
  11. To promote the welfare of clubs and players and to foster a friendly relationship between players, umpires, coaches, technical officials and administrators