Ghana Hockey will want to primarily produce hockey sticks locally in Ghana. It will be the first of its kind in Ghana and West Africa. It will be a Ghanaian based company whose mission is to promote the sport of hockey by producing sticks and other hockey equipment and making it available to all.

The association’s initial strategy is to promote and facilitate one of the country’s well enhanced sport with regards to affordable and available equipment. The Ghana Hockey Association has shown that, there has been a steady growth in participation of the sport as compared to football due to the unavailability and the costly nature of equipment which were imported before.

Our goal is to provide top notch equipment which will be competitively affordable and available for use in Ghana and West Africa. In conjunction with other stakeholders of the sport, the presence of a stick manufacturing company will go a long way to enhance the growth of the game nationwide and even across the continent.

Further endeavors will include bringing online hockey products for sale, working together with the National Associations to enhance growth and undertaking social works which will be mutually beneficial to the sport and the economy of Ghana.



 To bring the first hockey equipment manufacturing company to Ghana and West Africa enhancing the game and braking the barriers of unavailability and the expensive nature of field hockey kits. The company’s goal in the next 2 years is to provide affordable equipment to all institutions, schools, clubs, communities, and West African countries which has a slow progress in hockey development due to the unavailability and costly nature of equipment.