One major prospect of growing the sport and exhausting many potentials are the schools. History of Hockey in Ghana has a lot to say about development from schools, especially the second cycle and tertiary.

Ghana Hockey seeks to strengthen the prospects in schools in a manner that, hockey will be played in all schools and at all levels in Ghana within the next decade.

Targeted Schools are;

  1. Public Universities
  2. Private Universities
  3. Polytechnics
  4. Second Cycle Institutions
  5. International Schools
  6. Basic Schools

The Objective of developing School Hockey also lies in providing resources to the schools and monitoring their growth.

The Ghana Hockey Association has therefore identified three (3) basic resources to revive the development of community hockey. Among these are;

  1. All weather pitches

The Association aims to develop already existing parks and swish grounds in schools for developmental purposes.

Grounds will be levelled, goal posts mounted and basic pitch amenities provided

  1. Hockey Equipment (Apparels, Sticks and balls)

Ghana is at the verge of producing its own hockey equipment for development and commercial purposes. With this, the costly nature of hockey equipment will be subsidized.

  1. Events

The Ghana Hockey Association will organize periodic events for schools as well as play a key role in already existing inter-school and inter-university games